Wedding Photographer Feature: The Veil Wedding Photography

Since I have stopped doing wedding photography, I have decided to partner up with some other wedding photographers in the area so that you know where to go! Every photographer has a different style, whether it’s light and airy to dark and moody. Some use a lot of off camera flash, others don’t use that at all.

Today, I’m featuring The Veil Wedding Photography, owned by Amanda and Landon Raulerson.

I’m not going to lie, their style is super consistent in it’s editing style (which is DEF what you want from a photographer) and light and airy.

Let me preface this, with a story about how I met them.

A couple of years ago when I got this studio space, I had A LOT of work to do to make it what it is. I made a call out on Facebook looking for some help to lay flooring and paint the walls. 2,400 sf is a lot of work and it was killing me to get it opened in time.

It was Amanda’s birthday and she showed up with her husband and kids in tow late that evening. They worked for hours. And neither one of them complained at all! They both smiled and just helped.

I appreciated all their help so much. Especially from other photographers in our area that did NOT have to help, especially since they weren’t being paid and I was their competition!

For that, I have always been eternally grateful to them. Some people act nice and genuine and then there are people who actually ARE that way.

So onto their story:

Landon retired from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to fulfill this dream

Here’s some info about them.

How long have you been in business? 6 years

How did you get your start?

We picked up a camera with plans of having a hobby to do together. I wish I had some cool story of how we have always loved photography, but the truth is this journey was never suppose to be a business, that was an unexpected blessing we received.

What drew you to photography?

We were looking for a hobby to do together. I (Amanda) had been a stay at home mother for 7 years and wanted something to get me out of the house more. Landon had the idea of photography. The rest is history.

How would you describe your style?

Simplistic, Elegant, Timeless

What has been the hardest part about working with someone else in your company?
The first few months after Landon quite his job as a correctional officer and began working with me from home full time was interesting (for a lack of a better word lol.), we had been married 7 years already and I was use to him going to work while I took care of the kids and home. To have him home every day, to be with each other constantly, it was like we had to learn each other in a whole new way. It was a learning experience.

We had to learn how to balance marriage, parenthood, and being coworkers, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This business takes us both to run. His amazing talent, my business and social skills. We really excel in different areas and together make up a wonderful team.

Do you guys ever disagree on how things should be done?

Ummm.. heck yes! LOL! I’m a passionate person. When I decide to do something I jump in head first. Landon on the other hand is the voice of reason. He thinks everything through and makes the most logical decision. Sometimes being passionate is a good thing, but there are times I need him to bring me back to reality lol. So there are many times we disagree how situations should be handled. But we never handle them without first agreeing together on a solution.


How did you come up with the name of your business?

Interesting fact. Most people believes the name “The Veil” comes from a wedding veil. Actually that’s not entirely true. When we first started the name of our business was Amanda Jayne Photography. We had planned for me to be the main shooter.

It wasn’t until we both realized where our strengths were in our business that we realized Landon was actually the main photographer role and I was the second shooter and handled the every day running of the business.

When Landon came on to work full time with me I decided it only made sense to change the name of the business to something we both could be represented by, instead of the business being named after me.

We knew of course we wanted our industry to be represented in our name, but we also decided we wanted our faith to be represented. Landon and I are Christians and truly believe we have succeeded simply because of God’s grace.   We came across this bible verse and knew immediately “The Veil” would be a part of our name: Matthew 27:51 “then, behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth quaked, and the rocks were split.”

Anything really funny ever happen while you were shooting?

All the time. But if I’m honest the thing me and my couples laugh the most at is when Landon is demonstrating to the bride how to pose for a photo. Watching him play the bride’s role always cracks us up. I really need to make a video of his moves lol.

What is a piece of advice you can give to newbies?

Never give up. Your going to get discouraged, or think your not good enough, or go through some ups and downs. We have all been there, but if you can push through those trials the reward is wonderful. You will meet the most amazing people and share in some of the greatest moments of their lives. It’s not a race it’s a marathon. Keep working at your craft, keep your head up, and the time will come that you look back and feel proud of the journey you’ve been on.

What’s your current obsession?

Obsession? Wow! We are parents of 3 Kids. It’s normally all about them lol. Hmmm.. I guess it’s Netflix. I know Netflix has been around a while now, but we didn’t jump on the band wagon until last year. We work so much and when we aren’t working we are being parents, so we have found enjoyment in binge watching Series on Netflix once the kids are asleep. First we went through The Office, then Friends. We enjoy not having to think and just laugh together for a few hours at night. Man we are getting old and boring lol.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
In 5 years I see us expanding our business. We have already began to expand The Veil but I see more growth opportunities ahead. I’d like our business to be a career option for our children should they choose it when they become adults. We want them to follow their own dreams, but should their dreams be this industry we would like a solid foundation set.

(Amanda recently launched her own company to do wedding planning.)

What’s your favorite food?
This is hard. I’m a food lover. Though I will say Landon has 2 meals he makes that I think are better than anything I’ve ever eaten: Cajun Pasta and Italian Chicken Soup. He really could have chosen to be a chef, the man can cook!

Favorite dessert?
We both have a love for the French Pantry’s Wedding Cake. That cake is amazing.

Favorite restaurant?
We have several. Though our tops favorites right now would be Bentos, The Burrito Gallery,   Timoti’s, and Chuys.

Favorite place to hang out in Jacksonville?
Wedding venues. Is that an option? Because on weekends that’s pretty much where you can find us. On a serious note we have started really loving beach trips.

What is your favorite thing to do around Jacksonville?

We have found a love as a family for searching for sharks teeth. We enjoy all going to the beach and searching for them. Yesterday we found four in one trip. It excites the kids, but poor Landon has yet to find one.

My son felt bad for him and brought a sharks tooth from home to place in front of Landon so he would see it and get excited he found a sharks tooth. Sadly Landon is so bad at it he can’t find sharks teeth we put right in front of him lol. But then again he is pretty much good at everything else, so we were shocked to find one thing he wasn’t good at.

What’s your favorite movie?
I would have to say A Walk To Remember. It is the movie we were watching when we had our first kiss. It will forever be my favorite.

What’s your favorite song?
I’ll Be- Edwin McCain. It’s our song.

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