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Stunning Pregnant Woman Outdoors JAX Florida

There are so many amazing things about pregnancy. Carrying your child in your body, feeling those tiny little kicks and hiccups are some of the favorites.

There is also the pregnancy glow, fabulous hair and nails, and getting just a little bit spoiled. But there are some things you're probably not going to miss about pregnancy and we can think of a few of them. 

20 Things You Probably Won't Miss About Pregnancy

  1. Peeing all the time.
  2. Getting kicked in the bladder or a foot to the ribs.
  3. Trying to find a comfortable sleeping position.
  4. Backaches.
  5. Weekly weigh in at the doctor’s office (and the reminder that eating for two doesn’t actually mean a second adult).
  6. All of the unsolicited advice from family, friends and even random strangers on the street.  
  7. Mood swings. So many mood swings.
  8. Exhaustion. Naps are nice, but can we make it through one day?
  9. Stressing over paint colors in the nursery. 
  10. Food and drink restrictions like wine and fish.
  11. No wine. Yep, it's on there twice. 
  12. Glucose screenings.
  13. Monthly and weekly trips to the doctors office.
  14. Cravings that can't be fulfilled.
  15. Morning sickness.
  16. Swollen ankles, feet and just about everything else.
  17. Growing shoe sizes.
  18. Weird body changes. 
  19. Finding clothes that fit properly.
  20. Random aches and pains. 

We may not love every minute of it but pregnancy is a beautiful, unique experience each and every time. It's something that will be dearly missed. Document it with me today.

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