Mommy & Daddy Family Photo Shoot JAX Florida
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Mommy & Daddy Family Photo Shoot JAX Florida

Welcoming a new baby can be a positive and exciting time for everyone but only children may have a hard time adjusting to the idea. Here are some ideas to help your child prepare for a new sibling:

  1. Read stories about babies and becoming a big brother/sister. Look at pictures and talk about how your family is changing. Focus on all the benefits of being an older sibling.
  2. Let me touch mom’s belly to feel those first kicks. If you have a fetal doppler, listen to the heart beat together.
  3. Show them pictures of themselves when they were a baby.
  4. Let them choose outfits or nursery items for their new sibling. Involve them in the decorating.
  5. Spend time around other babies if you can!
  6. Encourage your kiddo to play with other kids! Good social skills and learning to cope with differences will be instrumental in learning how to get along with their sibling.
  7. Include them in the maternity photos! Encourage them to express love to their new baby brother or sister - give moms belly a kiss and a hug. Put photos on the wall that emphasize their relationship with the unborn baby. 

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