Jacksonville Florida children's photog

Jacksonville Florida children's photog


They say that the days are long but the years are short.

As a mom, and as a photographer, I’m finding that it’s absolutely true. Before I had kids, I thought I was busy. But once I had children, I wondered what I did with all my free time before!

It still amazes me how quickly sleepy newborn yawns turn into unsteady toddles on chubby little legs.Or the way fingers that were once wrapped around our own are grasping their first pencil, then a diploma, and all too quickly, it’s the tiny toddler fingers of their own child.

There are so much about my kids that I want to photograph and preserve so that I don’t forget the details while carving out each new day.

It’s one of the reasons I work so closely with my clients to make sure each session is a reflection of them, whether we’re in the studio or on location. Photography is like my super power, it lets me freeze time for a moment or two.

These milestones and fleeting moments are the reason photography is my passion. I hope to see you come back year after year as your family grows, changes, expands, and ages. One of the greatest compliments I am given is referrals but also to see families grow through the years.

From the moment you two become a family, to when you add in your first baby--you know, the furry kind (because I do pet photography too!)--to the birth of your children, to the birthday celebrations in between, to all of life’s important milestones. Let me help you solidify these memories with custom portraits.