Baby Girl With A Flower Crown Photo Shoot JAX
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Baby Girl With A Flower Crown Photo Shoot JAX

Our flower wall is by: Aurora Belle

By your babies first birthday they will have grown and changed in astounding ways. Over the first year of life, your baby will roughly triple his or her birth weight and grow 1.5 times longer than when they were born. By now they are likely babbling away, saying a few words here and there, and beginning to feed themselves. Chubby little thighs have learned to crawl, and stand and maybe even walk by now.

Slowly they will begin to look less like a baby while becoming more and more of a toddler. Their rate of growth will start to slow (which is great if you've been wanting time to slow down a bit). But nevertheless, they're still on the cusp of big changes ahead.

Now is the perfect time to capture that mostly toothless smile. To photograph the tottle that will transition from walk to run before you know it. It's the time to capture fingers that still barely wrap around yours. These are the photos you will forever compare to the newborn portraits. They're photographs to document one year of growth, from newborn to toddlerhood. Yet another year of parenthood gone in the blink of an eye. The saying that the days are long but the years are short couldn't be more true.

Location: Little girl with her flower crown during photo shoot with a pastel background .

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