Pregnancy can be magical or it can be torture. I was one of those women who made a HORRIBLE pregnant person. I was miserable and sick the whole time. But other women I know never got sick and just glowed the whole time.

Even though I hated being pregnant, I had two children and still miss that feeling of little kicks and movements in my stomach. It's truly an amazing experience.

And finding out your pregnant just has a certain magic to it, when you've longed for a child for so long. There's a little human you love before you've ever met them, and love them more than you thought possible once they are born.

Pregnancy portraits are a great opportunity to commemorate that unique time in your life, when your body developed this amazing little human. Through all the heartburn, sickness, and discomfort, pregnancy still holds that special bond you have with your child that no one else can replicate.

Belly Sessions

Belly sessions are typically done in studio or on location. I also have packages that incorporate multiple sessions, like belly and newborn and so forth.

I have several flowy pregnancy gowns in stock in different colors. I also have lace and such for the momma's who prefer a little more bare or something tastefully nude.

Christy Whitehead Photography Jacksonville, Fl