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Little Baby With Hat JAX Florida

The difference between a newborn and 3 or 4 month old is astounding. How is it possible that one little person can undergo such a radical change in such a short amount of time? 

After their newborn photos, most parents who sign up for a milestone package come back into the studio multiple times over the course of the next year. If you choose to do a session at 3 or 4 months here is what you can expect! 

Over the last few months your baby has been transitioning from a completely dependent newborn to an active and curious 3 month old. At this age, your baby is starting to explore the world around them. From learning likes and dislikes, to becoming aware of strangers, and even finding their smile. It's an exciting time for parents and babies alike! 

While most of us parents dread tummy time (and let's be honest, babies dread it too) it's an important part of hitting that 3 month milestone. Plus, it makes for some adorable photos. At this stage it's all about capturing baby on their belly with big eyes and even bigger smiles looking into the camera.

Your little one is also starting to find their social smile - and not just the one they give while passing gas. So we will be working to coax out an adorable toothless grin during the session too. Be prepared to get a little silly in the studio and bring along favorite noise makers too! 

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